Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Review: Voodoo Pharmacology

Voodoo Pharmacology is a six person group of multi-talented musicians who make their home base in Baltimore, MD. Calling themselves experimental music might seem pretentious to some, so to avoid the moniker, I would call them eclectic musical expansionists.

The group brings an uproar of sound and sight to the stage, and the performance is not toned down when it comes to their recordings. The songs on their EP Her Mirror Was a Window start a journey that roves all over the musical landscape. Electronica songs such as "01110010011000010110100101101110" seem to not clash but exude in to adjoining tracks. To say this album would be easy to find in the post-modern music bin next to Don Cabellero wouldn't be unexpected.

Between the melodic intricacies of the music and the sparse use of lyrics Voodoo Pharmacology weaves a musical tapestry that will get them noticed as time passes. Each of their recordings (which include Her Mirror Was a Window, The March Ides: Radio Testimonials of the Coming Apocalypse, and the self-titledVoodoo Pharmacology) is a testimonial to their tenacity to be music performers in a landscape of music moving more towards polished corporatism.

Fortunately for us, their are still bands like Voodoo Pharmacology, willing to take more leaps and break more boundaries. Drop by their website and grab their tunes and wait for them to come to your town. It will be worth it.

As always, a video to accompany the post. Here's Voodoo Pharmacology jamming live in Baltimore...

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