Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Review - Far

Far is more than likely one of the most influential bands people have never heard. If you were into the sound of post-hardcore (read: emo) in the mid-90's however, you know exactly how much Far could bring to the sonic table and how upsetting their break-up in 1999 was. Luckily, Jonah Mantranga, Shaun Lopez, John Gutenberger, and Chris Robyn came to their senses and realized it was high-time someone came along in order to bring the music back in this world of Justin Beibers and corporate slap-patch bands.

And we are not dissappointed by their 2010 resurgence record, At Night We Live. This album puts together their biggest "hit" record Water and Solutions and their more grounded-in-hardcore earlier effort Tin Cans with Strings to You. The heart-felt lyrics and aggressive guitars alternate with a soft and melodic core that moves each song back and forth, like mid-90's emo kids on a club floor balancing precariously between the pull of their backpack and the weight of their horn-rimmed glasses.

It was with some trepidation I began listening to this album. After so much time, could Far continue to deliver the sounds of longing and aggression so many people enjoyed over 10 years ago? It seems not only they can, but they did.

In a world where it seems it is getting harder and harder to find good, well-played, well-made music, Far's At Night We Live gives us just what we need at the time we need it.

Where to find them:

  • iTunes

  • MySpace

  • The Far website

  • If you still have a decent record store

RIYL: Quicksand, Rival Schools, Onelinedrawing, Sunny Day Real Estate

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