Thursday, November 11, 2010

Music Review - The Fairweathers

The Fairweathers are a 3 piece alt/pop outfit based in the small town of Caledonia in Ontario. Their self-titled EP will be coming out shortly, and I gave the songs a listen after hearing about them on reddit

The music offered up by The Fairweathers is a blend of upbeat pop with other influences that seem to change from song to song. For example, "Give My Love to Her" has a clear country twang, whereas "Just Jenny" is an attempt at something more punkish.

Each member seems to be pretty good at playing their instruments: a capable drummer who keeps the beat, a bass player who ably follows the guitar line, a guitarist who plays chords rythymically in line with the song, and vocals that are clear and concise. But there is something lacking here. It seems almost that the songs are too poppy, too simple. Listening through each song I realized I would forget almost as soon as I heard it. Each song, while wholly different, blends into the next and by the time you are through listening to all four tunes, you're ready to hear something else.

The tunes are likable, but the feeling that these tunes belong in commercials and not on my headphones can't be escaped.

Where to hear them:

RIYL: Jonathan Richman, Sledding With Tigers, The Goo Goo Dolls (Superstar Carwash and later)

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