Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music Review - Bird

As we usher ourselves into new realms of music distribution, we need new monikers. For example, Liverpool's Bird have released 4 songs, so to speak, so I would call such a collection an EP. However, they are just on SoundCloud, not in an organized form. I think I like this, but let's focus on the music.

Lilting vocals from a female singer are the most noticeable features of Bird at first. These vocals are very reminiscent of mid-90's alt-rock vocal styling, with a touch of femininity splashed over a clear sensuality of power. This power emanates from the progenitor of the band, Adele Emmas, who gathered musicians for the project in order to give music to her words.

And the musicians responded. Playing what seems to be atmospheric styled dream pop, Bird brings together the ideas of alt/rock with the slow, folkiness of modern indie rockers. In songs such as "Tides" the guitars compete without overbearing each other or the listener. The bass and drums work together to form a cohesive unit, perhaps a bit understated in most songs, but providing a driving (if simple) churn to move the melodies along to. With other instrumentation added as needed, the "dash of this, pinch of that" approach allows the vocals to fill spaces that might otherwise be left vacant. Put all together, the sound is sexy and exceptional, although it harkens back to a time when this sound was underground and a bit more common.

Bird stands out on the basis of their willingness to not lock down on one style. They range from raunchy slow-churn blues ("Wanna be your dog") to choir-esque atmospherics ("Phantoms") with stops in between. If these four songs (which I will call an eponymous EP for lack of a better word) are a good indication, I think we have a lot to look forward to from Bird.

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RIYL: PJ Harvey, Concrete Blonde, Tanya Donnelly

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