Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music Review - Apparat - The Devil's Walk

It seems the autumn music is upon us. And the upcoming album from Apparat, The Devil's Walk, makes for a great addition to any fall music collection or playlist.

This album is reflective, seemingly filled with songs of longing for instant nostalgia, like telling stories of a party you went just a few nights ago as if they were the childhood we've all lost somewhere along the way. These songs, "Escape" immediately comes to mind, have such a mix of melancholy and upheaving redemption, it makes it difficult to say this album is morose. It's really enjoyable as a roller coaster of surface emotions, the type that don't want to delve too deep and spill over into true feelings.

As far as instrumentation is concerned, it's all programmed. This might turn some people off, but the orchestration and the way a melange of sounds is pulled together to form melody and structure is pure genius. Then there are the voices: lilting, lazy, stretching themselves out to the point where it seems each breath is held standing on the edge of a 200 meter drop, but caught just in time for the next lyric. "Song of Los" and "Ash Black Veil" are great examples of taking that voice, slowly pulled from the throat, and stretching it over beats and tones that are moving at a frantic pace so that the two, juxtaposed, form a balance.

This album is a brilliant piece for your autumnal listening pleasures. It comes out next week and everyone should scoop it up as soon as possible.

Where to find it:

RIYL: Mogwai, Toe, Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Special thanks to CJR for the hook-up on this one!

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