Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 5 of 2011

Another year has gone (or nearly). This list is in no order, it's just the albums I've most enjoyed this year. I haven't reviewed all of them here, but I would have liked to if I got the jump and the music came to me early enough (hear that, musicians? Get me your stuff!!).

This was a great album for a great cause. A combination of folks you wouldn't expect to perform together and, as an added bonus, Neil Gaiman sings!

Donald Glover used this EP to come out in a big way as one of the most talented MCs the rap game currently has to offer while at the same time taking a shot at the game itself.

I tried not to like this album. I was afraid all the hype surrounding it would lead me to disappointment. Well...in short, it didn't. The album is brilliant and I thank Josh of Sinners Repent for showing me the error in my arrogance.

Young the Giant was a surprise that seemingly crept slowly up. Call it a come from behind victory. A great album of lament and life day-to-day.

The metal album of the year goes to Mastodon. Well played, technically salient, and their first non-concept album to boot.

Hopefully, 2012 will have even more to offer. Happy New Year!

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