Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Review - Grape Soda!

It seems down under they like to start 'em off as early as possible. This true whether the kid is a crocodile hunter or a musician. Grape Soda! supports this theory with their eponymous EP. This foursome of 16 year olds already have the chops to compete with the seasoned veterans of the indie pop world, it would seem.

With song architecture outside of the norm and leanings toward jazzier intentions, Grape Soda! is a breath of fresh air. Jangly guitars over a smooth, layered vocal, and rambling bass lines, all this held together with inspiring rhythms from a drummer looking to explore the sound space without abandoning the beat, these songs are accessible but still played with expertise. It seems they are also unafraid to bring out synthesizers to further blend the sounds and blur the genre lines.

Stand outs on this album tend to be the hopeful sounding "Omnibus to the moon" and "Nauseous", both of which ring true with both worldly optimism and youthful innocence. Hopefully this EP is just a taste of what might be a great Australian export to challenge the garage rock from Down Under in the last decade.

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RIYL: The Stone Roses, Tokyo Police Club

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