Friday, August 17, 2012

Music Review - Bloc Party - Four

It's been years. There were solo projects (for Kele at least)...there were reunion shows...there were interviews and radio reports and everything. But next week, we will have the long awaited new album from Bloc Party, Four. Now that it arrives next week, it's easy to see the wait was worth it.

With a week left before release, Bloc Party has elected to stream the entire album on their site, a great boon to fans who just can't wait another week. It may not be what some people were expecting. The sound is cleaner than their first two albums, yet more characteristics of those albums than Intimacy, an album that carried the same Bloc Party edge and angst but was a bit over the top noise wise.

So where does Four find our foursome? A little more mature...a little a place where antics meet adulthood. The edge is still there, there is still anger and something to feel strongly about. There is no better example of this than "Coliseum", a song that starts of with a country twang before attacking with a full on hardcore blitz, lyrics searing throughout with bitterness at the established and the longstanding.

This doesn't mean there aren't the expected songs of tragedy and love and growing together. It just seems that as time has gone on, the realization that the party isn't over but enjoyable without so much chemical stimulation has occurred to our not-so humble narrator. Songs like "3x3" and "V.A.L.I.S." demonstrate this clearly. It cannot be doubted that Bloc Party is just as tight as they have been in the past. Musically, everything flows together as a movement, driven by the drumbeats, the guitars and bass pull it all together to give the vocals are clear base to rise from.

With Four, Bloc Party has managed to move past many of their counterparts who were unable to grow even a little bit. This album is hopefully a taste of what is to come...hopefully there will be a Five.

Where to find Four:

  • on their site
  • Preorder on Amazon and iTunes

RIYL: We Are Augustines, Muse, Cloud Nothings

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