Friday, January 18, 2013

Music Review - Bad Religion

Bad Religion is easily one of the longest running bands in history. Technically, only one member has been in the band since it's inception in 1979 (singer, Greg Graffin), but there are six current members and they continue to make music that remains against the grain.

Their latest, True North remains in the vein of there albums since about 2000. The songs are all good, solid guitars (they should be as there are 3 guitarists now), killer beats courtesy of Brooks Wackerman, and always foundational bass lines from Jay Bentley. Vocals, both the lead vocals and the "oohs and ahs" Bad Religion is so well known for, are all right as expected.

The concern here is that, as they get older, will they slow down? Thus far, it doesn't seem to be the case. Songs like "Robin Hood" and "Land of Endless Greed" show there is still a stance against the oligarchy and consumerism of corporatized American life. And they are still punk rock enough to have a song called "Fuck You".

The problem here is that album seems to get a bit flatter around the middle. This has been the case with the last few Bad Religion albums: as if the songs were written well, but half way through they become just filler (see "Dharma and The Bomb" and "Hello Cruel World"). Perhaps it would be better if they released EPs instead of full albums.

That said, all in all, the world of music, and in general, is a better place for Bad Religion being in it.

Where to find True North:

RIYL: NoFX, Offspring, Rancid

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