Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Music Review - Bob Fera

To say Buffalo, NY is home to one of the hardest working musicians of all time is understatement. Hard work is the hallmark of this town. And Bob Fera is no exception. In fact, he is the poster boy: playing and writing music, raising about a million kids and keeping up with family life, and all while holding down a full-time job. This man is no joke.

While it started in fall of 2013, Bob Fera has managed to complete his latest, self-titled, EP. Five songs featuring mostly Bob with some close friends that often join him on stage, this EP is definitely a good sampler of the man, myth, and legend of Bob Fera.

The most poignant part of this album is the voice. Mr. Fera can create a generous number of emotions that span from awkward lover watching from afar to proud father barely containing the feeling of excitement and loss at a daughter being married. This all is accompanied with an acoustic guitar to drive each track ably and without too much redundancy. The overlay of bass and electric guitars serve to prop up the acoustic and lend it support without becoming too obsequious. Drums are a little quiet and basic. Good as a bit-part, but nothing to write home about.

The song that immediately grabs you is the fourth track, "Watch You Fly". With some metaphor, it could be applied to lots of things, but it's clear this is a song from a father to a daughter. Well-written and thought out, this could be a wedding song for many looking to supplant that horrible father-daughter song John Mayer foisted upon us. Another notable is "Passing Bye Ghost" which comes off with a bit of mid-90's alt/adult contemporary feel.

While it's a short EP, Bob Fera will hopefully find some time in the near future to getting us something in the LP range. In the meantime, we should enjoy what we have.

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RIYL: Paul Westerberg, The Gin Blossoms, Pete Yorn

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