Thursday, October 4, 2007


Radiohead is probably one of the most progressive bands around. I won't go on about how I am their biggest fan, but I've always liked their music and their ability to push the envelope of what people might call Modern or Alternative Rock.

I also won't go into a history of the band or a break down of their best songs.

I will go into their brilliance when it comes to the distribution of their new album. It is payment optional.

What does this mean?

Basically, they are releasing an album (called In Rainbows) without a label, or distribution deal of any kind. They have simply posted a virtual shopping cart on their site (follow the link above) where you can:

  1. Order the discbox version for a small shipping fee

  2. Sign-up for the download of the album

  3. Decide how much you would like to pay for it

I'm sure the RIAA are going nuts over this. A free album, if you want it to be. I plan to pay about $10 (approx. 5 UK pounds), because they deserve it. Anyone willing to take that kind of a chance just to let their fans enjoy the music without paying a record company for all the bullshit is pure brilliance.

I recommend everyone go out and get it. If you aren't that into Radiohead, I'd say still send them a buck or two. Hopefully other bands will see how really paradigm breaking this idea is and we can finally shake all the bureaucratic imbeciles at the record companies who think they can pull $20 out our pockets for a CD when the bands only see about a dollar or two for their hard work.

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