Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stepping Back

I listened to a cd the other day of a band I've liked since I first heard them. They kind of paved the way for so many other bands, but still to this day, I am blown away by the fire and drive of Sunny Day Real Estate.

It amazes me that more people never understood this band or enjoyed what they had to offer. Sadly, I think this happens a lot. People misunderstand the power music can bring.

I was never lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them live. Over the past few years, they have re-emerged as the Fire Theft, and the bass player, Nate Mendel is still with the Foo Fighters.

Maybe I'm nostalgic, but will the corporate bands of today ever try to gain the credibility SDRE had with their first full-length release? Perhaps the time will come (soon) when musical credibility will return to replace the RIAA guy telling the general public what they should like.

PS: The new Radiohead is awesome. Worth the $US10.00.

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