Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music Review - Sledding with Tigers

Another album found via our friends at reddit, No Randy No! from Sledding with Tigers is a quick jaunt through some punk inspired folkish tunes. When I first opened to file on this to listen, I was shocked by the song lengths...none of which reach the 2 minute mark.

So, unsure what to expect I gave it a listen and I'm glad I did. This crazy cross-mesh of Connor Oberst and Green Day and the Descendents wasn't what I expected. The songs are well executed and fun and easy to sing along to. The guitar playing is quite good and comes through clearly.

The interesting thing with Sledding with Tigers is their need to have a sing-along section on just about every song. While the main vocalist rises above the rest with his slightly off-key (not in a bad way) falsetto-ish voice, the group singing makes each song more enjoyable. The main point is, it could come of as cliche...but it doesn't, which makes you want to jump in and sing along. It helps that the lyrics are pretty simple and easy to remember, especially on tracks like "Not Trying to be Awkward" and "Sunshine".

A pleasant surprise that I think everyone can pick up and enjoy...for the 7 or so minutes it takes to get through the album.

Where to find it:

  • I found the album on reddit linked to a blog with a nice video link

  • The direct download can be found here

  • There is also a static video for the first track 'the 405 (is for lovers?)' on the YouTubes

RIYL: Bright Eyes, The Brand New, The Descendents.


Scott said...

Hrmm, can hear a pretty obvious Violent Femmes influence as well.

Lydia Mae said...

Your music makes me want to give random strangers freshly sharpened bouquets of pencils. That happy.