Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music Review - Tiger Riot

I don't know what it is about reviewing bands with the word "Tiger" in the band name. Maybe I'm starting a theme, or maybe this is a new band naming trend I wasn't aware of. Anyway...

Tiger Riot is living the dream. Today is apparently the last day their album, Look Up! will be available as a "pay what you want" download as they are signing with a label and going legit. Needless to say this is good for anyone...but these guys certainly have a sound that shows they deserve it.

With an indie leaning sound, make no mistakes, Tiger Riot is what one might begrudgingly call nuEmo. These aren't tunes that bring in mind Sunny Day Real Estate or Rites of Spring. To be clear though, this doesn't mean they aren't good. On the contrary, the guitar playing is great, clever and non-obtrusive. This is important, as the lyrics are the melody carrier here. The vocals provide the driving harmony to pull in the guitar lines and bass lines which buoy the song.

The percussion here is clever. Sticking to straight beats would have been easy to do with this songs...but the drummer branches out using fills to emphasize where necessary and understate when it's the right thing to do.

All in all, these 7 songs are nice jaunt through a pop-minded, hard-but-not-too-hard sound. Put all together the band gels in a well produced group of tunes that are fun without being too negative in attitude.

Where to find them:

  • Today you can get the album here...but how long that will be available after today is anyone's guess

  • I assume once paperwork is done they'll be on iTunes, Amazon and even that place no one ever goes, the local record shop

RIYL: Fall Out Boy, The Brand New, Kings of Leon

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