Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Review - Anberlin

The fifth studio album for Anberlin shows they can keep up a relentless pace and still produce songs that aren't stagnant or formulaic. This becomes apparent immediately on the first track of Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place, and carries on through the pace of each tune on the album.

The songs for this album find Anberlin reflecting on relationships and the things that go with them. While the lyrics are a bit more ethereal than concrete, the words are easy to apply to a relationship for anyone who has moved past the High School style of being with someone else.

This offering starts with an uplifting lilt in the form of "We Owe the to Ourselves", getting you ready to hear more and in the mood to move along with the story of each song. The great back and forth between the rhythm section and the guitars and keyboard build something few artists can manage. For example, on "The Art of War", the drums are driving a hard beat people would expect to be coupled with raging voice and crushing guitars. Instead, the beat keeps that pulse, while the vocals and guitar nuance the rhythm, instead of covering it up.

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RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, AFI

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