Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music Review - Aaron Stoquert

Aaron Stoquert is a musician looking to make a name as a singer/songwriter. A musician of understatement, some might say as they listen to his first EP, Run For Your Life.

While it seems Stoquert is referring to love and lose and the way things take their course in life, I can't help wondering if he's referring to a zombie apocalypse. I know the sample on the opening track, "Bunker Hill" might make it obvious, but I couldn't let myself think such a concept could be so well done, and with such a subtle delivery too.

The delivery is the focus here. Stoquert is a talented musician, technically proficient and creative to not just play the notes. This is really brought out in his voice. I hate to use a cliche term for it, but his voice is soaringly haunting. On each song, I feel transported to the desolate air of the South in the 1930's. He gives a sense of desperation without passion, as if you know everything is lost, and you would love to get it back, but you know the you won't do a thing. This is especially clear on the track "Pass Me By".

This being his first, I think we can only expect great things from Aaron Stoquert as time passes.

Where to find him:

  • the album is downloadable on BandCamp where you can name your price

RIYL: Leonard Cohen, Cursive, Afghan Whigs

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