Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Review - Kids Icarus

People have talked for a long time about whether or not the genre of emo (or emo-punk to be even more specific) is dead. Well, Kids Icarus vote no. I vote no with them.

Their self-titled EP brings me back to basement parties circa mid-90's, a time before rocking hard and singing great lyrics made you emo, not wearing tight jeans and shopping at Hot Topic (once upon a time, kiddies, emo wasn't a bad word).

In it's simplest terms, Kids Icarus is a 5-piece, made of crushing percussion, amazing vocals, bright and soaring harmonies, tight basslines, and guitars that will rip your damn face-off. The band kicks it off fast with the no-holds-barred "It's on Me". Probably the simplest song in the group of four on this EP, but a great anthemic start to get the listener interested. The real shiner, though, is "Monster". Great lyrics, hard dissonant beat structures and crushing guitars. That's what this game is about.

The only short coming's only four songs long. C'mon, Kids Icarus...give us more...soon!

Where to find them:

Note - Special thanks go out to Athletics for tweeting about this and bringing it to my attention.

RIYL - Kill Creek, Samiam, Gameface

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