Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music Review - Childish Gambino - Self-titled EP

Hip-hop is not dead. It just took a television star to remind us that it could be good again.

Most people know Childish Gambino as Troy from Community. And it can't be denied that Donald Glover is a brilliant comedic actor. So I wasn't sure what to think when I heard he was dropping a hip-hop album. I mean, Chris Rock had a hip-hop album once, but it was all comedy. Not so with Childish Gambino.

This self-titled EP is ridiculously thick with some of the best lyrical combinations unleashed by any rapper in recent years (I had to pause "Freaks and Geeks" and rewind just hear him say "In the back of the bush/Like Gavin Rossdale's drummer" on more time). The talent isn't just in the ability to rhyme and deliver either.

If Childish Gambino wanted to release an R&B album with just singing, no rhyming, he would still be successful. This album is funny, without being strictly comedic (some parts are funny, but that doesn't seem to be the intent overall), emotionally open without being soft, and tight as a hip-hop record can be. Makes you wonder, is there anything this guy can't do well?

Sadly, only 5 songs though. Hopefully we'll get more tunes soon.

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RIYL: Jay-Z, Das EFX, Eminem

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