Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Retro Review - Kill Creek - St. Valentine's Garage

For a change of pace, I thought it might be enjoyable to review an album that isn't quite as recent as many review sites. Kill Creek's St. Valentine's Garage is an album my friends and I discovered in the warm summer of 1995. The album itself was released, independently on a tiny label called Mammoth and crept to the east coast between it's release in 1994 and when we stumbled upon it. Then everything changed.

This album is a pre-cursor to nearly everything called emo that came from the midwest in the years afterwards. Searing guitars, driving drums, solid bass work, and vocals able to drive you made with the passion coming through (every song is realatable). With songs of loss ("Kelly's Dead", "Funeral") to songs of relationships failing and the desperation in trying ("Fruit Pie", "Gett On"), this album incorporates the post-teenage/not-quite-adult mindset in a way that makes the songs still relevant today.

Produced by the now legendary Ed Rose, St. Valentine's Garage is still a great listen to this day. Powerful and evocative but sadly, obscure and somewhat left behind. If bands had the intensity, integrity, and naive honesty presented here, music would be in a much better state today.

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RIYL: The GetUp Kids, Cursive, At the Drive-In

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