Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music Review - Jake Lauer

Jake Lauer seems like a pretty nice guy, but he doesn't make my life any easier. His debut album Don't Forget to Breathe isn't really "adult contemporary" or "soft rock" (whatever those two terms mean). So I think I'll move forward and be all "I'm above genres" for this one. Yeah...I'm a real hipster or whatever...moving on.

The musicianship of Jake Lauer is apparent from the first chords of the first track, "I've Been" all the way through the last track, "Sunrise". The man can play guitar. As always, I'm a bit distracted by the use of a drum machine. There is hope that in a live setting Mr. Lauer would have someone to fill that void. The rest of the music is nicely laid. The vocals convey a subdued passion, he is truly feeling each word, but it's almost as if he doesn't want to give away too much. Jake Lauer is a cool customer who plays it close to the vest...or at least that's the image he is trying to portray here.

The lyrics are fitting in each song, and while they are very poetic, they are also easily forgettable. Not to say you can't sing along with the songs and remember them, just that they are free of over ranging imagery, which makes them easy to relate to.

All in all, Don't Forget to Breathe is a nice, easy listen. It's relaxing and showcases what seems like a burgeoning talent in the form of Jake Lauer. I look forward to hearing more in the future. Hopefully with a drummer.

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RIYL: Jeremy Enigk's acoustic stuff, Walter Schriefels latest stuff, John Mayer except with decent songs.

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