Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Review - Sledding With Tigers

Back again with what might be their most "interesting" album cover, is Stockton, CA's own Sledding with Tigers. The Arrested Cats is the latest EP offering from this prolific group and while the music is still edged with punkness, their is some maturity here we haven't seen in other SWT relaeases.

With the addition of Samantha Juneman on violin, the now two-piece shows a little bit more world awareness and a softer side to the music. No need to worry, there are still plenty of group vocals on The Arrested Cats, but also a more "Kasher/Oberst" feel on some of the songs. Not completely absent, but in the minority, are the short, jackhammer punk tunes from No Randy, No and in their place are longer songs of loneliness and boredom, such as the kick off song "The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually" and the closer, "Valentimes Is Serious Times".

Dan Faughnder brings his blend of punk acoustic guitar and desperate falsetto vocals in line with the violin of Juneman in such away as to make one wonder what genre this falls into. Which brings us to an important message: fuck genres...their stupid anyway. While they help make conversations easier, they have no place when listening to music alone. And this is music to be listened to. Sledding With Tigers conveys the type of loneliness to make it not seem so bad. This release is great to listen to when you need someone to say"It's not so bad...and it gets better". In short...give them your money and take their music...everyone wins!

Where to find them:

  • BandCamp

  • MySpace

  • Hopefully soon in iTunes and presented by an awesome record label (they deserve it)

RIYL: Connor Oberst, Cursive, Greg Graffin's solo work

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