Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music Review - Noise & Rhythm - 1848

Noises & Rhythm started as a three-piece band, but has since become the solo project of Ryan Schumann. The sound itself is similar to the low-fi sounds of the mid to late 70's, mixed with some influence from the post-new wave era. 1848 is a collection of the work Ryan has completed, with the assistance of a revolving set of musicians, over the last six months.

"Tongue in cheek" are the first words that come to mind when considering the lyrics of Noises & Rhythm. "Let's Go to England" stands out as having that feel of watching someone or something else being insulted facetiously, but being in on the joke. It isn't the cruel kind of call out either, it's more a shared deprecation. On other songs, such as "Occupy Oscar", shots are taken at current events and society in general, showing Schumann is more than one-dimensional.

Instrumentation on this album seems to range a bit. The vocals are always well done, the keyboards and bass hold up their end as well. Guitars (with the exception of "Eat Our Oranges") seem a bit basic and not as strong when compared to other instruments. The drums and percussion hold-up but just as a simple back beat. This isn't much of an issue as the music is pop and has a rhythm of dancing, making the need for percussion less a necessity to emphasize the movement of the music and more relegated to being a supporting actor.

A very fun listen!

Where to find them:

  • Noise & Rhythm site has the album as choose your own price. Always a way to give a talented group or individual a leg up!
  • The album is now available on iTunes
  • On Spotify in February

RIYL: The Kinks, Beck, Nick Lowe


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this; a brief but insightful look at it.

PJ Hagerty said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Wondering why I only found about this comment today....