Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Review - Rejouissance

Hardcore is not dead...

Furthermore, Post-Hardcore is not dead. In fact, both are alive an well in a shiny little place called Syracuse, NY, in the form of five lads who call themselves Rejouissance. I was recently lucky enough to play a show with these guys at a fine little gallery called Badlands and I can say firmly, while their EP, D-Hard Sessions is a great listen, the live show is much more fantastic. For now, though, we'll look at the EP.

Rejouissance features 3 guitar players, one bassist, and a drummer. The 3 guitars gives the songs on this EP an interesting sound. They are at times at war with each other, still holding to the main line but moving in different directions, other times they are so tight and in sync it's as if they have discovered the ultimate chorus pedal. Always, one of the guitars is holding down the main line and keeping things flowing seamlessly with the driving bass lines. The drums (while a little quiet on the recording) are driving and really nail down the ground work for the intensity of each tune.

The standout track of the three is "State of Arrest", and it stands out for one big reason: a well-executed, half-time, classic hardcore breakdown. It makes the song nostalgic and modern all at once. The other two tracks, "Stutterer" and "Hollow Tower" also shine in their own ways, but "State of Arrest" was the grabber here.

The only negative here is that there are only 3 songs. Let's hope there is a full length in the near future.

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RIYL: Snapcase, Braid, Alexisonfire

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