Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music Review - Sledding with Tigers

Sledding with Tigers are nothing if not prolific and ever-evolving. When we first experienced this band, it was a solo acoustic punk act with a teenage angst that was real and palpable. But we all get older and change a bit. We leave college, get jobs, change's part of a social evolution called "being a grown up".

Along comes the latest album from Sledding with Tigers, Being Nice is Still Cool, where we see a move away from the punkier tunes of their earlier days into a sweeter, more rounded punk/Americana sound, self-described as "I'm not punk enough for punk and I'm not folk enough for folk". Imagine The Descendents decided to soften a bit and go acoustic, add a fiddle...picture it. Now you have the lastest Sledding with Tigers album.

No need to worry...the relatable lyrics are still there, the raucous, rolling guitar hasn't left, the group-yell choruses have remained intact. What is added is some saavy to using the fun stuff in a studio. Distortion on vocals ("A Floppy Disc Worth of Singing"), a straight-up pop song ("Homeless"), and mix of everything to kick the whole thing off ("Quit Yr Job"). All this gets put together to make for the best SWT has to offer thus far.

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RIYL: Ben Lee, The Descendents, American Stories

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