Sunday, October 7, 2012

Music Review - The Dirty River Boys

A lot of folks bandy about the words "Americana" or "New Country" these days. Few groups are able to capture that pure Appalachian zeal. The Dirty River Boys have no problem finding that down home, cottage porch sound though. No problem at all.

From the opening track of their latest effort, Science of Flight, The Dirty River Boys take us to a simpler time in music, a time when it wasn't about raucous distortion, but it was about the story itself. There are complexities and inter-workings in the instrumentation that make it seem like they've just picked up together at the local music stand to play a few standards, but the songs themselves are anything but standard.

The mastery of the instrumentation here is what's important. The scratchiness of long lost Grand Ole Opry recordings is missing, but that's about it. Too polished? Not necessarily, the jangle and back beat make you forget this isn't some digitally remastered coal mining hill band. Guitars move us along, fiddles are well played, and the vocals make you feel like you know these folks, you'd be willing to sit back and have a beer with them after a long working week. Let's hope they put more out for our listening pleasure soon!

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RIYL: Mumford & Sons, Ten Cent Howl, Johnny Cash

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