Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music Review - Billy the Fridge

Hip-hop has been a bit stagnant when it comes to independent music. Enter Billy the Fridge, a portly gent from Seattle, WA, sporting overalls and a fresh sour cream doughnut for bling. He's vile, he's honest, he does not mince word...but does mince any MC who steps up.

It's hard to admit, but I had to pause a lot while listening through BTF's Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show. The lyrics are so tight and food related, I had to stop, laugh, rewind, listen again. BTF is making what might be the best in fun hip hop.

The beats are tight and don't sound cheesy like some independent hip hop albums. Billy the Fridge keeps it fresh, the way he prefers his baker's dozen. With a crew that enhances, not taking away from, the melody lines and Billy's themes, songs like "Cadillac Rolling Fat" (the best line of which is "You get it, we fat and we ride in cars") roll out and make this whole album fun as hell. The best part: limited and tasteful use of Auto-tune. Thanks for that Billy...and keep being a "doughnut eating beast".

Where to hear them:

RIYL: Early Bloodhound Gang, MC Frontalot, Lonely Island

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