Thursday, October 28, 2010

Music Review - Orange Tour

Orange Tour, hailing from Minneapolis, is yet another great band willing to make it on their own, DIY style. Plenty of bands are doing this lately, but not all of them are as good as Orange Tour.

The first thing you need to know about the band is that they really like to make references to locales in the Twin Cities. While I'm not super familiar (read: I've been to the airport there twice) with the area, as a listener I get a sense of familiarity with their hometown. The lyrics take you on a kind of sight seeing trip through Minneapolis, but without all the corny jokes those trolley-bus drivers make.

The opening track on Reality Show, "Television Lover" is a little misleading. You might get the impression this a band of lazy drifting jam-rock. As you move forward through the album, however, you find gems of harder rocking songs ("Girls in Bloomington") and even an upbeat ode to the ever beautiful "Scarlett Johansen" (it's not really, but her name is in the song).

This collection of songs is upbeat, quirky, and fun to listen to. The music is pleasantly straight-forward and pop-ish without being bland, commercial alt-pop. Highly recommended for those rainy fall days.

Where to find them:

RIYL: Lighter Paul Westerberg, Phoenix, The Waves


Asad said...

Thanks for the review, PJ! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the tracks. Did you get the link from Reddit?

PJ Hagerty said...

Asad -

Yes...yes I did.