Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Review - This Is Not A Game of Who The Fuck Are You

With a name nearly as long as the last track on their latest album, This Is Not A Game of Who the Fuck Are You (TINAGOWTFAY) can truly be called a fun romp through the common concepts of angry, screaming post hard-core. Are they a bit sream-o...perhaps, but seems to at least not take it to the extreme with boring, expected movements on the 101010, an album named to either commemorate its release date or express their love of binary.

The album has a slow Intro track which is probably just to lull you into vulnerability. After that brief 56 seconds, you are assaulted with a full force double kick-drum attack with full-on guitars and throat blistering vocals. Then, just when you are about half-way through "The Great Psycho of them All", a ska like break-down comes out of nowhere.

This is what actually serves to make a mark of what TINAGOWTFAY are about: unexpected gems hidden in the serious hard core music they play. On songs like "Take to Your Guns" and "One Last Dance", the band strives to break out of the post hard-core expectancies and open up new musical ground. It's easy to see the appeal of these guys and the album in and of itself is diverse and genre breaking, which makes it a great listen for someone looking to get out of the mold of predictable music.

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RIYL: Alexisonfire, The Bella Donna, Say Anything

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