Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music Review - Filbert

The band Filbert, a five-piece indie rock group hailing from the burgeoning Stockton, California music scene, brings to mind one word while listening to their album If Time Travel Were Possible: nostalgia. This might seem an odd word to choose, but if you were listening to independent music circa 1995, these songs will bring you back.

With lyrics delivered in a lackadaisical, rolling drone and instrumentation ranging from single guitar to full band, the songs of Filbert bring images of days hanging out with your best friends, smoking a few and kicking back. The wave of nostalgia reaches its penultimate point on the song 'Olly Olly', when lead vocalist Daniel Gutierrez brings us back to summer games of hide and seek, but from the playful eyes of the barely-adult-not-ready-to-grow-up perspective. And yes...that is a time in your life.

Each song seems to be written well and the album collectively is great. A brilliant combination of haunting melodies and politely off-kilter singing. A perfect Autumn rainy day listen. (I know that sounds trite, but I really agree with those words)

Where to hear them:

RIYL: Built to Spill, The Flaming Lips, They Might Be Giants

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