Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Review - Dan Dectis

Moving toward a more eclectic group of songs, Parliament of Owls by Dan Dectis is a musical journey through flights of fancy and generally upbeat, melodic trek. Coming only six months after the release of Deeply Superficial, this album is anything but rush job.

With a mixture of instrumental tunes and vocal tracks, Dan Dectis seems to strive to keep a good feeling throughout each song, and he takes a wide spectrum of genres to do it with. From folk-rock ("Joy") to jazz ("Doctober") to new age ("Maskirova"), each song bridges the gap between the song before it and the one that follows, making it possible to just let the whole album spin on repeat and not feel bored with it at all.

To say that the instrumentation is well-played is an understatement, and the voice on the vocal tracks you get the feeling Dan has been around a bit and seen enough to know it isn't always sunshine and flowers, but why not enjoy what we have and not what we have not. A great feel good album.

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RIYL: Jack Johnson, Jakob Dylan, Bela Fleck

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