Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music Review - The New Green

Another reddit find, The New Green are a 3-piece indie/folk outfit from Ann Arbor, Michigan. With their sophomore effort, Elaborate Maps, released September 24th, they sing songs of catharsis, growing up, finding one's self, without becoming cliche or trite.

Listening through the tracks on this freshman effort, it's easy to see this group did one of two things: a) knew each other for years finally coming together in band form or b) came together after finding common musical ground in order to harness their individual musical talents. Either way, they are without question capable musicians.

That said, there are a few issues. Songs like 'Almost' are a bit too laid back. While the sound is generally chill, it seems that song in particular lacks passion. It just seems to drone. In addition, the first track, 'Bigger than Me' is entirely too long at over 5 minutes for a pop song.

On the other hand, 'Grow Up' shows some initiative toward branching out. Perhaps this album is, in itself, a portrait of the evolution of The New Green's song writing ability and focus. As the album closes with the title track, everything has been brought out and it's easier to relax into the atmosphere of the music.

All in all, the album is satisfying as some light relaxing tunes. It could be emotionally deeper, but if it was, it would take away from the more relaxing nature of the songs.

Where you can hear them:

  • on The New Green website. I would recommend downloading the album and donating. Not just because they've earned it, but there is static at the end of every song in the live feed.

  • On Twitter

  • Or the MySpace

RIYL: Stars, later Billy Bragg, Bare Naked Ladies

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